What is our diference




 We have developed an action protocol that we follow carefully in each order. We notify customers with a phone call of the time of delivery, offering time slots of two hours and we contact them if any incident occurs. We deliver to the requested address, install the product, connect or tune it, and take the used item if the customer wishes. We have more than 300 vehicles of different sizes, with teams of one or two people.





The products are protected to guarantee their integrity. Our teams wear an identification plate with their name with the photo and the regulation uniform. Upon arrival, they unpack and inspect the product to subsequently locate it in the place indicated by the user. After this, the assembly and installation of the article is carried out. Before leaving, they clean the work area, collecting what is no longer useful and removing the used item if the client wishes to deliver it to one of the authorized "clean points".

Thanks to our traceability system we can control the path of orders from the place of origin to the point of destination. Through our website it is possible to follow the movement of the articles at any time thanks to the devices that identify it throughout the entire chain. This monitoring translates into transparency, professionalism and efficiency.





In order to offer the most complete service and to satisfy customers, we carry out the removal of used items when requested. At Cade Logistics we pay special attention to caring for the environment, for this reason we follow strict compliance with current regulations, with the seals: ECOTIC AND ECOTEC, following the criteria established in Royal Decree 208/2005.